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Control the DR-44WL and DR-22WL over Wi-Fi with this Free Remote App.

dr control appTASCAM DR Control is a free app for your iOS or Android smartphone that controls the DR-44WL or DR-22WL through WiFi. Control the transport, transfer files to your smartphone, upload recordings to SoundCloud, and stream audio from the recorder from anywhere in the room with this app.  

DR Control allows you to operate the recorder from anywhere in the room, placing the microphones where they sound best while you start recording away from the action. You can start and stop recording or playback, verifying that the meters and time counter are moving. The app also allows you to adjust the input gain, change the stereo mix, enable low rolloff filter or limiter, and virtually any other control on the recorder. 

When recording has stopped, transfer your audio from the DR-44WL or DR-22WL to your phone without plugging in any wires. Both recorders can record WAV and MP3 audio at the same time, so you can upload the MP3 file while retaining a high-quality WAV recording. DR Control will upload your audio to SoundCloud, a free service that makes it simple to share music online. Simply copy the SoundCloud link and post on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. 

Check out the DR-44WL and DR-22WL pages for further info. 

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